A complete workout on either of these trainers only takes 6 minutes per day!

Baseball emulators are movement specific training machines that isolate and strengthen the specific muscles that are used to hit or throw a baseball.

These training machines will raise your performance levels for hitting and throwing in 60 seconds.

They do this without having to strain your movement specific muscles and without having to make your muscles larger.

The Batting Emulator can give you as much as 50-75 feet of extra hitting distance in as little as 90 days.

The Throwing Emulator can give you an additional 5 MPH of throwing speed in as little as 90 days.

This type of workout will eliminate training and performance injuries including the need for Tommy John Surgery.

Even though these machines use weight plates for resistance, these are not weight lifting machines. This neuromuscular training equipment represents a paradigm shift in how athletes have been training for the last 50 years. Baseball players from high school, all the way up to the major leagues, are accustomed to lifting heavy weights in order to increase their strength for hitting. Weight lifting equipment only works out large muscle groups. Half of the muscles that you use to hit or throw are small and weight lifting equipment does not train these small muscles at all. Training on Baseball Emulators strengthens and trains 100% of the movement specific muscles that you use to hit or throw!

The Batting and Throwing Emulators are designed to force the user to emulate the same movement that a major league player uses to hit and throw. This is the only weight resistance training for baseball that forces the player to use the correct sequence training for batting and throwing. If the athlete's form does not reflect this movement protocol, the emulators are designed to be difficult to use. There is no other training equipment in the world that forces the player to use their their core muscles for batting and throwing first to start the training movement.

Baseball Emulators are the safest way to strength train for batting or throwing. If you use these movement specific trainers correctly, there is very little effort required in the beginning with low weight resistance. After about six weeks of training, the weight gets higher and then the athlete will start to sweat a little. But, the athlete will still feel and see a difference of performance level from the first workout whether it is on the Batting Emulator, or the Throwing Emulator.

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