Throwing a baseball hard, is the most violent and traumatic movement that you can make with your throwing arm. Avoiding an injury and performing at a high level is a delicate balance. Every ball player has two different levels of throwing. I will use a pitcher as an example. Let's say that your everyday throwing speed for your fastball is 85 mph. This is the speed that you can throw at and not be in danger of injuring your arm. The second level is the injury threshold level. This is always little higher. That might be 88 or 90 mph. If you try to throw at that higher level, and your connective tissue is not conditioned for that, you will cause an injury and it is usually to the ulnar collateral ligament.

This ligament tears because of this rapid and violent motion with your arm. If you want to increase your throwing velocity safely, you have to be able to raise the injury threshold speed, proportionately with your everyday throwing speed. As your throwing speed gets faster, your injury threshold must move up proportionately. The injury threshold speed has more to do with your connective tissue than it does with your muscles. Most pitchers do not properly train their throwing muscles or their connective tissue. You cannot use your usual throwing movement, such as long tossing, to increase your injury threshold. The Throwing Emulator is designed to deal with this issue safely and specifically, without violence.


         1. This workout can change your throwing velocity instantly

         2. Strengthens the exact muscles and connective tissue used to throw

         3. Increase your throwing accuracy by using less effort to throw hard

         4. Will increase your throwing endurance without loss of velocity or accuracy

         5. Forces you to use correct mechanics in the throwing sequence

         6. Injury prevention

The THROWING EMULATOR is a movement specific neuromuscular strength training machine. Even though this trainer has weight plates for resistance, this is not a weight lifting machine. The Throwing Emulator is designed to increase the velocity of all ball players while protecting the player from throwing injuries. This cutting edge technology allows players to increase their performance level equal to, and beyond the level of the athletes that have a genetic advantage. This is not just a performance equalizer, this will give an athlete a distinct advantages over those genetically gifted athletes. When you increase your safe power level, you will have other additional options that were not available before using this trainer.


Most hard throwing pitchers and position players have genetic gifts. These gifts are not larger muscles. The first gift is that they have the ability to get the brain to send higher electrical impulses to the throwing muscles than the average player gets. The second gift is that they have developed strength in the specific ligaments and tendons used for throwing, that are stronger than the average player. Most of these genetically gifted players do absolutely nothing to increase their throwing velocity.

The Throwing Emulator is designed to increase your throwing velocity instantly regardless of your genes. This instant change is not because you are making any muscles bigger. This instant change comes from the machine forcing the brain to send a higher level of electrical impulses to the EXACT movement specific throwing muscles. When these electrical impulse rates increase, it makes the muscles that you are using, contract harder. After the first 15 repetitions on this machine you will be able to FEEL this change in the electrical output.


Weight lifting machines, train general muscles and most of these muscles are large. Almost half of the muscles that you use to throw a baseball, are less than six inches long. Weight lifting does not train these small muscles. The Throwing Emulator forces your body to use the EXACT small muscles and large muscles at the appropriate time. This also includes the connective tissue that is used to make these muscles function. This trainer does not allow you to train muscles that are not involved in throwing. This prevents you from wasting you energy working out muscles that do not help you throw.


This instant increase in power has many benefits. If you are already throwing 85 or 90 mph, and you start to train on the Throwing Emulator, it is going to be easier to throw at this level. You can maintain this level and actually use less effort to do it. By not having to throw as hard as you normally do, you are going to be able to locate your pitches more easily. Having more control allows you to be a more effective pitcher. If you are a position player, you will experience the same effect because this will make it easier to throw to your targets.


When most pitchers run out of energy, they end up trying to throw harder because they are losing velocity. When you have to throw harder, your accuracy is also going to suffer. When you train on this machine, 10 minutes a day, three days a week, your throwing endurance will start to increase. If you are accustomed to throwing only 6 or 7 innings, this type of training will enable you to pitch 9 and 10 innings without losing any velocity or accuracy. It usually takes 60 days to get to this point.


When you throw a baseball, the power that you have, in different parts of the throwing movement, changes. The throwing muscles include muscles from your toes to your finger tips. When you start to move the baseball forward with your lower body, you have much more power in your lower body, than you do when you release the ball. At the point where you release the ball, the power in your wrist is much weaker than the power of your legs. If your training routine does not reflect this difference of power with the appropriate different level of resistance, you are in danger of tearing muscles and connective tissue.

The Throwing Emulator is designed to duplicate or emulate these different levels of resistance in the appropriate places. When you start the throwing movement with your lower body, the resistance level is at its highest. When your hand gets to the release point, the resistance level drops to 20% of the initial resistance. When you allow your hand to go backward, you have to do this in the reverse sequence as coming forward. This reverse movement stretches and strengthens the connective tissue as well as strengthening throwing muscles. Conditioning in these two areas equally, is extremely important to increasing throwing velocity safely.

The Throwing Emulator is a sequence trainer. In every sport that you have to throw, swing or kick something, you have to use your core muscles first in order to have sequential power. Sequential power is what an auto transmission provides. Just like in your car's transmission, the proper throwing sequence, is the same as your car shifting gears. Having the proper sequence increases your power level immediately without having to change the strength of your muscles or the electrical input to those muscles from the brain. This trainer forces you to throw like a major league pitcher.


If you want to avoid an injury, you must train all of the throwing muscles and connective tissue proportionately. If you focus on muscle strengthening only, your muscles will be stronger than your connective tissue. Most throwing injuries occur to connective tissue because they have not been conditioned to the level demanded by the muscles. If you want to avoid having Tommy John surgery, you have to develop your movement specific muscles and movement specific connective tissue in the same sequence that you would use to throw a ball. This is exactly what the Throwing Emulator does. It is not possible to isolate this connective tissue in a stretching drill, and train it to the level that can be achieved while using this trainer.

We have customized a specific rotator cuff exercise program for all throwing planes. In order to exercise the exact combination of muscles an individual player uses to stop the forward movement of their arm, rotator cuff exercises must be different for each player and their throwing angles. Our instructional video tape shows how to perform these exercises to your specific throwing plane angle, in order to develop stop motion muscles equally with the throwing muscles.

The end result is this. If you use the Throwing Emulator correctly and follow the instructions, you should be able to gain an additional 5 mph of throwing speed in 90 days. This is not coming out of your shoes kind of speed. This will happen without you trying to use additional effort. This machine will condition all of the muscles used in throwing and it will do it in a very short period of time. Additional emphasis is put on proper form for the Throwing Emulator because you are only using one arm for the work out. The negative resistance when the swing arm is going backward works especially well for creating the flexibility in the connective tissue that is necessary to throw hard and without injury.


It does not make any difference what age you are. Using a movement specific and resistance specific Throwing Emulator is going to improve your mechanics and your velocity whether you are 14 or 40. Your brain still has the capacity to increase this electrical impulse output even it you are 80. The older a pitcher gets, the more his connective tissue breaks down from the constant throwing motion. It is a violent movement and without conditioning to spread the load of throwing the ball, your weakest links are going to deteriorate. Using the Throwing Emulator can extend the career of any pitcher or any position player as long as they are not using steroids and HGH.