The COMBO EMULATOR is the only strength trainer that can train you for batting, throwing, and the golf swing without any additional attachments. This is like having your own sports specific gym in your home. This is the most versatile sport specific training machine ever invented. The Combo Emulator has the more adjustment options than any of the single function emulators. The plane angle adjustment allows you to move the swing plane in 4 degree increments and the height of the machine also has more adjustments. Even if you are 6'10", you can adjust this machine for your individual needs for any of the above sports movements.

The Combo Emulator still allows you to do everything that the other single emulators do, without taking up the space of 4 machines. The base of the Combo Emulator is the same size as the base of the Batting Emulator, the Throwing Emulator and the Golf Swing Emulator. It takes about 60 seconds to make the change from batting to throwing. With additional attachments, you can also perform the tennis serve, football passing and kicking and soccer style kicking.

This training machine is also more stable that the single function emulators because it has four uprights instead of three. This makes it a very sturdy training machine. For more information on how the golf swing part of this machine works, go to